Working at Nün

Nün Academy is an exceptional bilingual educational Institution. Located in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we create opportunities for students to become Glocal learners and citizens, where their personal and educational development is a unique blend of learning a rigorous international curriculum, combined with a journey of self-knowledge, where each child builds a linguistic, religious and cultural foundation that defines their past and shapes their present and future.

Our staff play an important role in delivering quality education for our students. The building of compassion in our students is also at the core of everything that we do. Staff members actively contribute to bringing the Nün vision to life by collaborating to develop an educational model that is not only aspired to but replicated throughout the MENA region. This is underpinned by our professionalism and excellent standards of teaching and learning. We also adhere to high standards of ethical conduct, dedication to our students, and care and protection of them.

At Nün Academy, we align our professional expectations, conduct, and work performance with the delivery of our educational programs. We set high expectations of our staff, providing a supportive, cohesive and expert educational environment that provides the ultimate opportunity for every member of our team to thrive and expand their professional skills and knowledge

What we offer

As part of our commitment to recruiting quality candidates to join our team and contribute to our excellence standards, Nün Academy offers a generous employment package. Benefits include:

  • Competitive monthly salary (tax-free).
  • Furnished accommodation or a paid accommodation allowance.
  • Settling-in allowance.
  • Visa and Iqama (residency visa) costs.
  • Medical insurance for staff and eligible dependents.
  • Initial flight to Jeddah for staff members and eligible dependents on commencement of employment.
  • Return flight for staff members and eligible dependents to their home of record at the end of employment.
  • If applicable, annual return flight to nearest international airport to the point of origin for staff and eligible dependent, or alternate travel allowance.
  • Single entry/exit visa as part of yearly flight benefit.
  • School laptop.
  • End-of-service award.
  • Tuition discounts for staff children.

Commitment to Child Protection

Nün Academy believes that all children have the right to live in conditions that promote their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and moral wellbeing. We align this belief through our school values, particularly humane consciousness, agency, empowerment, and compassion.

For these reasons, Nun Academy takes its child protection commitment very seriously. As an organisation, our school executive leaders, owners and the Board of Governors are accountable to have child protection practices and culture embedded across the organisation.

Housing & Facilities

Nün Academy provides its overseas staff with a variety of accommodation options, which include:

Furnished apartment or villa, either within a residential compound setting or the general community itself.


Generous housing allowance that allows staff members to source their own accommodation.


Also offers a complimentary bus service for those staff who are living on the compound.


Our HR and Building Facilities teams can assist those opting for the housing allowance by connecting you with local real estate agents so you can inspect properties that suit your needs.

Mura Bustan Compound:

housing 01
housing 02
housing 03

Nün Academy is very proud to have one of the largest campuses in Jeddah, with students enjoying various learning and playing spaces across both the Girls and Boys campuses. Our current facilities include:

  • Extensive, spacious grounds that include four dedicated playground areas and two separate playing fields.
  • Two gymnasiums including changing rooms, performance stage.
  • Library Resource Centres for both campuses.
  • Prayer rooms for both campuses.
life in jeddah

Life in Jeddah

Located on the Red Sea, Jeddah has a more relaxed, coastal vibe that is different from other major cities in Saudi Arabia. While it might be considered quieter than cities such as Riyadh,there are still plenty of things to do, with the water playing a significant part in most social activities.

Diving, snorkelling and fishing, or other water-based activities are a constant source of entertainment for people living in Jeddah. Even land-based activities, such as walking, riding or running along the 30km Jeddah Corniche, have the Red Sea as the perfect backdrop. Sunsets are spectacular, and locals and tourists take up vantage points daily to witness the sun setting over the sea.

Many staff take the opportunity to join beach resorts to relax with family and friends on the weekends or during holidays. Should this be of interest to you, our Human Resources team can provide you with a list of beach club options...

Generally, everything that you need is readily available in Jeddah. Major shopping centres such as Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall house store brands that are known all around the world, with entertainment such as cinemas, cafes and restaurants always open and grocery stores such as Danube, Hyperpanda and Manuel stocking all required products, including those more specialised items for dietary or health requirements. Most of these grocery stores are open 24 hours per day which is an added advantage.

The weather is relatively constant in Jeddah due to its location near the sea. While there are significant temperature increases over the summer months, all facilities are well catered for with air conditioning to ensure that escaping the heat is never an issue.

Jeddah has a rich cultural history, and strolling through Al Ballad (Old Town) is a great way to connect with its history and people. Many traditional shopfront merchants still operate within the streets of the original city centre.

We hope this information helps you paint a picture of what life in Jeddah would be like if you were to join the Nun Academy team. There are so many websites where you can obtain further information, and We also provide new staff members with a welcome pack full of details about life in Jeddah.

Teacher Testimonials

Working for Nün has been very beneficial for me. It has given me an opportunity to gain a new experience working for a small organisation that puts the values and needs at the forefront of its ethos. Having a small number of students in a class has allowed me to focus on each student and tailor lessons that enable each child to develop at their own pace. Being in small year groups has allowed for effective collaboration and supporting colleagues to ensure curriculums and plans are suited to each class and the students’ varied abilities. At Nün, you feel a part of a small community that allows you to focus on each student and help with their development – a process that can sometimes be subconsciously lost in larger establishments.

Reda Ibn-Tahaikt