After School Activity

Building on our firm belief that our students can learn in multiple ways, at Nün Academy we offer our students a wide range of after-school clubs every semester ranging from music and arts to organized sports, where after-school activities help promote creativity, physical health and teamwork skills and problem solving.

The After School Activities Program Nün enriches the various areas of student development in cooperation with distinguished service providers, as the clubs provide specialized trainers with the appropriate qualifications. Programs are offered during the semester of eight or ten weeks, and are optionally available for an additional fee.

arts and drawing
Arts and Drawing

Yearly Events

Sports Day

Sports Day is a Nün community event that promotes fitness, health and students’ wellbeing. Students engage in various sports activities to support their Houses, encouraged by their families and loved ones. This event aims to teach students the importance of sportsmanship and the value of an Ethic of Excellence.

Book Week

Book Week is a celebration of reading and an excellent opportunity to show our Education for Life and Beyond support. During the week, students engage in activities such as reading challenges, author visits photo competitions and the famous Book Character Parade.

Ramadan Festival

In Nün, we aim to implement the value of Humane Consciousness in our students, and the Ramadan Festival is an excellent opportunity to do so. Students voluntarily rent booths to make and sell items, and all profits from this event are given to charity to help families who are less fortunate prepare for the special month of Ramadan.

School Show

To stimulate students’ creativity, confidence and teamwork skills, we host a yearly School Show where students have the opportunity to perform to an audience of parents and staff members. We encourage our students to have High Expectations and help them develop their imagination and talents.

Student Council

student council

Nün Academy’s Student Councillors are responsible role-models. They are chosen by their peers to represent their class. Through their practice, the Student Councillors acquire democracy skills and are involved in relevant decision making. The most important part of Student Council is to make a positive change within the school community. In addition, the Student Councillors are responsible for planning events that are engaging and relevant to learning. The Student Council nominations are held yearly, giving all of our students the opportunity to apply.

One of the most important events planned annually by the Student Councillors is Ramadan. The students discuss ideas of how they can contribute to the community and culture of Ramadan. They bring the ideas to their weekly meetings and vote for the ones that stand out the most. Two years ago, the students raised money for unprivileged communities by having their own booth to sell things that they have made themselves. This year, the students plan to post videos where they ask their families about how they celebrated the holy month during their childhood and share their families’s ramadan traditions. In addition, each year group is competing to gather food, clothes and toys to give to the disadvantaged communities.

The student council play an important role in our growth as a school, as they contribute to making a positive impact. One example is how our year 7 girls gathered to petition and contact the School Counsellor and Pastoral Deputy Head to change their exam times for their year level allowing them more time to study and prepare for tests. In addition, our Student Counsellors take roles in finding solutions to common problems in the playground and assisting others in solving conflicts.

student council
student council
student council