Commitment to Child Protection

At Nün Academy, the safety of our children is of primary importance. Our school executive leaders, owners and the Board of Governors have committed to rigorous child protection practices embedded in our school culture that include:

  • a formal Child Protection Policy that provides guidelines for all staff around child protection principles for the school.
  • Child Protection Principles incorporated into the school’s recruitment practices.
  • appropriate training in child protection for all staff members.
  • a formal Child Protection Committee that serves as the custodians of the child protection principles for the school.
  • a documented reporting process to refer child protection matters to the school’s Child Protection Officer.

All staff have an individual responsibility to support these child protection practices and contribute to the culture of child protection by:

  • adhering to the school’s Child Protection Policy.
  • understanding and accepting that the school’s recruitment practices incorporate child protection principles.
  • attending or completing mandatory child protection training.
  • maintaining professional standards of practice that support the protection of children.
  • supporting and contributing to the school’s Child Protection Committee.
  • facilitating the reporting process to ensure that all child protection concerns are appropriately referred to the Child Protection Officer.

Nün Academy believes that all children have the right to live in conditions that promote their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and moral wellbeing. Our school values of humane consciousness, agency, empowerment, and compassion embody this.

First Aid Policy

Nün Academy has a dedicated school nurse who leads the safeguarding of all staff, students and visitors to our school. In addition to the nurse having a clinic office within the Girls School, the school has designated first aid spaces in both the Girls’ and Boys’ sections that provide a safe, secure and confidential environment for any person requiring first aid treatment.

Our school nurse is also qualified to undertake basic first aid training with our staff to support the first aid requirements for the school. Our staff is trained in the practical skills required to provide appropriate first aid treatment, ensuring compliance with health and safety requirements.

Health and Safety

School Response to COVID-19

The school, working together with local health departments, has an important role in slowing the spread of diseases to help ensure students and staff have a safe and healthy environment.

The school serves students, staff, and visitors from throughout the community. All of these people may be in close contact within the school setting, often sharing spaces, equipment and supplies.

For that reason, the school follows strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols which include:

  • intensive training is provided for all cleaning staff to follow protocols of proper cleaning and disinfection.
  • cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout the day. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, etc.
  • deep cleaning and sanitization by the end of each working day.