Nün Academy

At Nün Academy, we are committed to providing a quality education that will prepare our students to work in a global setting at the highest international standards. Today’s students will study, live and work in a globalised world.

Whatever profession they choose, they will collaborate and work with people and ideas from other countries, cultures and languages. We design our programs to ensure success in a global world. The power of our model resides in our international, bilingual program, delivered through a personalised education framework by well-trained and passionate educators. We are committed to making sure our students have a firm grounding in their language, culture and ideals. At Nün, we know that receiving an international education does not need to come at the cost of one’s heritage. Ensuring that our students leave us with a strong sense of their own cultural identity is fundamental to our program.

In this Nün Academy short movie, you will learn more about our values, our curriculum, our glocal approach and our personalized education.

Our Mission

Nün Academy’s mission is to develop and operate outstanding and innovative K-12 schools defined by a commitment to helping each individual attain the upper limits of their potential. By means of a personalised education model, a holistic curriculum and the presence of well-trained and passionate educators and role models, we are committed to preparing students for a meaningful life as educated, productive and compassionate citizens of the global community: rooted locally yet connected globally and prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

Nün Academy’s vision is to develop an educational model to be aspired to and replicated throughout the MENA region that nurtures compassionate students that are connected with their past, empowered to master the challenges of today and motivated to shape the world of tomorrow.

Core Values

Our core values permeate everything we do. They are strong individually, but viewed as a whole they constitute a clear compass that guides us in everyday life.

An Ethic of Excellence

Guided by the Islamic concept of “Itqan”, we strive for the highest quality in our work and performance, supporting each other along the way. As an organisation committed to excellence, we assess ourselves and our students using rigorous criteria to ensure that we are on the path of continuous improvement, aspiring to be better today than yesterday. 01

All People are Different

As a Kunskapsskolan school, we believe each student has a right to a personal challenge every day and a school culture that affirms and respects their uniqueness. We recognise that all students learn differently and are committed to personalising education for all. 02

High Expectations

We have high expectations of ourselves and others. With the support of committed, competent and stimulating teachers and through perseverance and ambition, our students stretch boundaries and learn more than they thought possible. 03

Global Education

We are committed to a rigorous international curriculum and an authentic, bilingual programme that ensures that our students develop a well-grounded understanding of their linguistic, religious and cultural heritage. 04

Humane Consciousness

We believe in social responsibility, service to our society and respect for the rights and beliefs of others. Our task is to develop the humane consciousness of our students as they encounter the complex issues of daily life. 05

Education for Life and Beyond

We inspire our students and our community to learn beyond the classroom, engage and serve in dynamic global communities and develop skills to interpret events, make ethical choices, and be a driving force for continuous learning. 06

Agency and Empowerment “Life is what I make it.”

We give each student a foundation for personal development where self-discipline, self-knowledge, a sense of responsibility and a trust in one’s ability provide the foundation for a constructive attitude, the essence of which is that “Life is what I make it”. 07

Nün Academy, in partnership with Kunskapsskolan Education (KED) from Sweden, provides an international education with a strong foundation in our language and culture. Our program includes:

International Curriculum

Nün Academy follows the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum at all levels. ...We have also implemented a rigorous curriculum to ensure Arabic fluency and conformity with Saudi Ministry of Education Guidelines for Saudi International schools.

Personalized Education

Based on the KED Program™, our teaching methodology puts the students at the centre of the learning. ... With the guidance of their coach, students work towards becoming self-regulated learners, able to set goals and understand how best to achieve those goals. We aspire to a school culture that is affirming and respectful of individual interests and learning styles.

Bilingual Education

Our school program strongly emphasises the use of the Arabic language as a language for life. ... Therefore, Arabic, which embodies communal culture and history, will be offered in every grade by highly skilled teachers who we painstakingly recruit and continuously train. Instruction in Early Years and Years 1-3 is predominantly in Arabic, supplemented with English language classes taught by dedicated teachers. Beginning in Year 4, content and teaching are increasingly in English, giving our students a solid grounding in the language and providing a basis for successful international college studies.

Positive Discipline Approach

Nun Academy implements the Positive Discipline programme, thus fulfilling its commitment to anti-discrimination and anti-bullying. Positive Discipline is a programme based on the work of two Viennese psychiatrists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs and is designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Positive Discipline teaches adults to employ kindness and firmness at the same time and is neither punitive nor permissive. This approach is aligned with the sunnah (Prophet’s teaching) of balancing compassion with discipline, while continuously aiming towards developing each individual’s capacity for self-regulation. Parent Education and Classroom Management Models are aimed at developing mutually respectful relationships. The tools and concepts of Positive Discipline include:

  • kindness and respect for the needs of the child.
  • identifying the belief behind the behaviour rather than merely attempting to change behaviour.
  • discipline that teaches (and is neither permissive nor punitive).
  • focus on solutions and succes instead of punishment to build long-term self-esteem and empowerment.