We are extremely grateful for your choice to be such a pivotal part of the Nün family and for entrusting your child’s development to our team. May your time with us bring you great personal growth and reward.

Whether you are a current or future member of our Nün family, you are part of a dynamic learning environment responsive to the personalized, individual learning of every Nün child. This is our “point of difference” at Nün Academy. Supported by a dedicated team of experienced and innovative teachers who deliver quality pedagogical practice and a rigorous Cambridge curriculum, Nün Academy is “the school of choice” for many families in Jeddah. It certainly has been for me as an Executive Leader with a passion for ensuring that every child can learn and develop at their optimum.

I am very grateful and proud that our staff consistently go beyond in providing unique and stimulating learning experiences and offering a large number of extracurricular activities in the sporting, academic, and cultural fields. As a member of our family, your child will participate in coaching sessions that enable them to identify areas of growth both in the academic and emotional spheres and then formulate SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals that give every child the best opportunity to succeed. It is important to note that no one child is the same. This layer of individual coaching and strategic approach to differentiation enables students to be the best they can be and experience success pivotal to their own needs and aspirations.
Ensuring high-quality, consistent practice across our school is imperative to achieving optimal learning outcomes for our students. I am of the firm belief that investing in all of our staff, at all levels through a distributive leadership model, empowers all stakeholders to flourish. Here at Nün, we create a positive organisational culture and an environment centred on high-engagement opportunities for staff, students, and parents.

A strong foundation of Arabic and English is at the core of the Nün values. In the Early Years Program – Year 3, Arabic is used as the language of instruction by the homeroom teacher, with an English specialist teacher providing explicit instruction around the mastery of the English language. As of Year 4, this approach is reversed, with English used as the language of instruction by the homeroom teacher and the Arabic teacher providing the specialisation of the language and subject. This program provides a strong and unrivalled approach where students flourish in a culturally rich and bilingual learning environment. This is what I believe makes Nün unique, providing a combination of the “best from the west” in terms of an inquiry-based curriculum and student-centred approach, coupled with a strong and purposeful focus and respect for the learning of the Arabic language and the Islamic faith, which is embedded in all that we do. My personal leadership philosophy and practice embraces the value that all individuals can achieve, and to act with purpose and character. At the core of all I do, my authentic, distributive leadership philosophy drives the transformational development of students and staff in their personal and professional leadership development. Here at Nün, we recognise and reward genuine expertise and individualism in others, irrespective of their ability or role within our school community – it is, simply, mobilising individuals at all levels, carefully orchestrating collaborative teams, and building capacity for growth and potential with the outcome of improved learning outcomes and organisational success.

Best wishes,
Head of School